Lake Oswego, OR
16455 & 16463 Boones Ferry Rd


After serving three years at sea as a medical officer, Dr. Foggia left the military and began his "general practice" in the Lake Grove neighborhood of Lake Oswego on January 2, 1964. In 1967, Dr. Foggia began negotiating with Harry Olson for a portion of his property to build a clinic. After much planning, countless hours with city and county planning departments, bankers, architects and potential associate tenants, the first clinic buildings became a reality in 1970. At that time, the clinic was named on behalf of Harry W. Olson, the original "homesteader" and owner of the property.

Since 1970, the clinic has been in a continuous state of evolution with regard to construction projects, land and tenant acquisitions in and effort to meet the needs of our ever growing population of patients.

It should also be noted that the Olson Memorial Clinic appears to the public to be a "group practice". In fact, with the exception of the "pediatrics" (i.e. a group LLC), all other tenants are legal "solo practitioneers" responsible for their own tenant leases, practice development, patient care, and practice expenses. Our clinic has avoided permanent salaried physician positions in an effort to maintain the quality and cost effectiveness of care that true professional "responsibility" naturally brings to the services we offer our patient community.

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